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Matsui Laboratory
Graduate School of system design|Faculty of System Design


An AI-based short time (10 seconds) Handy Neumonia Monitor which we developed.

We conducted pediatric neumonia screening within 10 seconds using vital signs and AI (cf folowing our paper) in Mongoria, and achieved 96.5% sensitivity and 81.3 specificity. Even though, there were almost no febrile patients because of antifebrile uptake.


Dagdanpurev S, Abe S, Sun G, Nishimura H, Choimaa L, Hakozaki Y, Matsui T. A novel machine-learning-based infection screening system via 2013-2017 seasonal influenza patients' vital signs as training datasets. J Infect. 2019
May;78(5):409-421. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2019.02.008.



Takemi Matsui,Ph.D.  

Professor of Medical Engineering

Tokyo Metropolitan University


"Design a solution that makes a difference"

Our research group focuses on designing and developing systems in response to the needs of a society, especially in the area of medical engineering. Recent Japan faces various social issues ranging from the potential spread of pandemic diseases and aging population to stress induced health problems.

Our current research includes a non-contact screening system to monitor infected individuals at public facilities such as airports and hospitals, a non-contact vital sign monitoring system to reduce the workload of health care professionals, and a non-contact autonomic activation measurement system which enables stress monitoring for continuous hours.

Students work on the projects based on their interest in the topic area, leveraging their individual skills and expertise. The laboratory experiences allow students to take part in the creative process of identifying social needs and finding solutions.