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Research Contents

Research Introduction
 In our laboratory, based on the basic concept described in the research outline, We are conducting research on development of robot partner and robot, as well as related theories and related technologies. Some representative research will be introduced .

Research and development on robot partners
・    Development of robot partner using smart device
・    Research and development using humanoid robot · PALRO

Research and development on mobile robots
・    Estimation of self position of robot and map construction (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) 
・    Study on three dimensional visualization of environment 
[3D visualization] 
・    Research and development on senior cars cooperating with smart devices [Senior car] 

Research and development on human support systems
・    Research on health support system for the elderly using robot partners 
Support for health promotion 
・    Research on rehabilitation support system using smart device and robot partner 
Rehabilitation support
・   Development of disaster information support system using smart device 
Disaster information support

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