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The 2010 International Symposium on Intelligent Systems (iFAN 2010) will be held in Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, JAPAN on September 25 - 26, 2010, in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the 2010 Intelligent System Symposium. This symposium is composed of iFAN Summit 2010 and international sessions. Fundamental theories and Application Fields on intelligence are discussed by distinguished speakers in iFAN Summit 2010.


September 25-26, 2010


Tokyo Metropolitan University, Minami-Osawa Campus
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397


Division of Systems and Information,
Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Japan


Shinhsyu University Global COE Program "International Center of Excellence on Fiber Engineering"

Technical Cosponsorship

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Japan Chapter

Plenary Talk

Speaker: Dr. David B. Fogel
Title: Computational Intelligence and Games

Games have long provided a testbed for exploring ideas in artificial or computational intelligence. These activities range from the early work of Arthur Samuel in checkers, to more recent efforts in applying machine learning to video games, social dilemmas, and economics. The implications for these lines of research are manifold. Intelligence itself pertains to the ability to make appropriate decisions in light of specific goals and to adapt behavior to meet those goals in a range of environments. Games provide a framework for studying intelligent behavior in models of real-world settings or restricted domains. This lecture will focus on bio-inspired efforts, computational intelligence in the form of neural, fuzzy, and also evolutionary learning, applied to different games. The state of the art in each example will be assessed and the requirements for future advances will be identified.


Best Paper Award
PaperID: 94,Session: FAN-OS7
Title: Genetic algorithm that maximizes the anisotropy in arti cial ockings and optimal interactions in BOIDS simulations
Authors: Motohiro MAKIGUCHI, Jun-ichi INOUE (Hokkaido University)

Paper Award
PaperID: 53,Session: FAN-General
Title: Investigating User Behavior in Document Similarity Judgment
Authors: Minghuang Chen (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Seiji Yamada (National Institute of Informatics), Yasufumi Takama (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

PaperID: 557,Session: iFAN
Title: 3D hand pose estimation for mobile robot control
Authors: Takuya Kasahara, Motomasa Tomida, Takanobu Tanimoto, Kiyoshi Hoshino (University of Tsukuba)

PaperID: 533,Session: iFAN
Title: Decision Space Analysis of Path Relinking on Many-objective NK-Landscapes
Authors: Joseph PASIA, Hernan AGUIRRE, Kiyoshi TANAKA (Shinshu University)

PaperID: 49,Session: FAN-OS3
Title: Chaotic Property of Associative Memory models and Its Application to Dynamic Associative Memories
Authors: Kazuaki Masuda (Kanagawa University), Eitaro Aiyoshi (Keio University)

Best Presentation Award (Wada Award)
PaperID: 134,PresentationID: S4-4-3,Session: FAN-OS14
Title: Effects of Membership Function Tuning for Fuzzy Classifier Design by Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
Presenter: Yusuke Nojima (Osaka Prefecture University)

Presentation Award
PaperID: 561,PresentationID: S6-8-4,Session: iFAN
Title: A cyclical learning by using spiking-neural network for a robot perception and action
Presenter: Hiroyuki Masuta (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

PaperID: 52,PresentationID: S2-3-2,Session: FAN-OS8
Title: Analysis of Human’s Healing Effects by Robot Behavior in Interactive Emotion Communication
Presenter: Ryohei TAKI (University of Fukui)

PaperID: 86,PresentationID: S5-1-2,Session: FAN-OS11
Title: A study on sparse CT algorithms using the Fourier phase retrieval
Presenter: Yoshifumi Nishida (Muroran Institute of Technology)

PaperID: 93,PresentationID: S1-3-4,Session: FAN-OS15
Title: Bipedal Locomotion by CPG
Presenter: Ito Akihiro (Kansai University)

PaperID: 150,PresentationID: S8-2-1,Session: FAN-OS6
Title: Formulation of Real-coded Evolutionary Computation as a Natural Gradient Learning
Presenter: Youhei AKIMOTO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

PaperID: 506,PresentationID: S7-6-3,Session: iFAN
Title: Optimum Polynomial Degree of Zernike Moment for Dental X-ray Image Matching Using Fuzzy Inference System
Presenter: Shinta Oktaviana (University of Indonesia)

PaperID: 542,PresentationID: S2-7-3,Session: iFAN
Title: Study of Discrimination Methods for Metal Fragments and Mines in Humanitarian Demining Tasks
Presenter: Tetsuya NARITA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

PaperID: 75,PresentationID: S8-4-4,Session: FAN-OS4
Title: DEA based evaluation method for decision making units with inconsistent characteristic
Presenter: Shingo AOKI (Osaka Prefecture University)

PaperID: 22,PresentationID: S5-3-4,Session: FAN-OS1
Title: Study on Association between EEG Activity and Personality
Presenter: Shin-ichi Ito (The University of Tokushima)

PaperID: 133,PresentationID: S5-5-2,Session: FAN-OS12
Title: Neural Network Estimation for Silkmoth with LAL-VPC modeling using Genetic Algorithm
Presenter: Ryosuke CHIBA (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Important Dates

Special issue on "FAN/iFAN2010"

We are preparing a special issue on "FAN/iFAN2010" in Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (JACIII) based on selected papers from FAN/iFAN2010.
Guest Editors: Prof. Toshio Fukuda (Nagoya Univ.) and Assoc. Prof. Yasufumi Takama (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
For authors who are interested in submitting your manuscript to this special issue, please contact to ytakama(at)sd.tmu.ac.jp until 15 Nov., 2010.
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Program (final)

FAN/iFAN2010 Program (Sep. 6, 2010)
The award ceremony will be held on the last day (Sep. 26), from 17:45. We will welcome all attendants, especially authors who have applied for the best paper award to attend the ceremony.

The total time for a presentation is 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). Please prepare your presentation on your PC.

Related Lectures

Sept. 24, 2010
* IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Distinguished Lecture
* IEEE Region 10 Distinguished Technical Seminar

Sept. 27, 2010
* Special Lectures on Intelligent Systems

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