ICIRA 2016 is supported by:
● IEEE SMC Japan Chapter
● Research Center for
    Community Centric Systems
    Research Center for Community Centric Systems
    Robotics Task Force

Advisory Committee:

Jorge Angeles
McGill University, Canada
Hegao Cai
Harbin Institute of Tech., China
Tianyou Chai
Northeastern University, China
Jiansheng Dai
King’s College London, UK
Toshio Fukuda
Meijo Univ., Japan
Fumio Harashima
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Huosheng Hu
University of Essex, UK
Han Ding
Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech., China
Oussama Khatib
Stanford Univ., USA
Zhongqin Lin
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China
Imre Rudas
Obuda University, Hungary
Shigeki Sugano
Waseda University, Japan
Guobiao Wang
National Natural Sci. Found. of China, China
Kevin Warwick
University of Reading, UK
Bogdan M. Wilamowski
Auburn University, USA
Ming Xie
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Youlun Xiong
Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech., China
Huayong Yang
Zhejiang University, China

Organizing Committee:

General Chair:
Naoyuki Kubota
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

General Co-chairs:
Xiangyang Zhu
Shanghai JiaoTong University,China
Kok-Meng Lee
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Jangmyung Lee
Pusan National University, Korea

Program Chair:
Kazuo Kiguchi
Kyushu University, Japan

Program Co-chairs:
Honghai Liu
University of Portsmouth, UK
Chun-Yi Su
Concordia University, Canada
Janos Botzheim
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Special Sessions Chair:
Kazuyoshi Wada
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Special Sessions Co-Chairs:
Alexander Ferrein
University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Chu Kiong Loo
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Jason Gu
Dalhousie University, Canada

Award Committee Chair:
Toru Yamaguchi
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Award Committee Co-Chairs:
Kentaro Kurashige
Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan
Kok Wai (Kevin) Wong
Murdoch University, Australia

Workshop Chairs:
Yasufumi Takama
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Workshop Co-chairs:
Simon Egerton
Monash University, Malaysia
Lieu-Hen Chen
National Chi Nan University, Taiwan

Publication Chairs:
Takenori Obo
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Publication Co-Chairs:
Taro Nakamura
Chuo University, Japan
Chee Seng Chan
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Publicity Chair:
Hiroyuki Masuta
Toyama Prefectural University, Japan

Publicity Co-Chair:
Jiangtao Cao
Liaoning Shihua University, China
Mattias Wahde
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Simon X. Yang
University of Guelph, Canada

Financial Chair:
Takahiro Takeda
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Zhaojie Ju
University of Portsmouth, UK


Registration for ICIRA2016

    At least, one of author(s) of each paper submitted to workshops at ICIRA 2016 must pay a regular or student registration of ICIRA 2016 by June 30. The regular or student registration includes the participation to both conference and workshops at ICIRA 2016.

    The registration fee must be paid online through the KEIO Travel Agency registration system with the following link:

KEIO Travel Agency registration system

The list of registration fees for conference

Early Bird Registration before June 30 On-site Registration after July 1
Regular Registration 60,000 JPY 80,000 JPY
Student Registration 50,000 JPY 60,000 JPY
Additional Banquet Ticket 8,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Additional Paper Charge 30 ,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
Additional Page Charge 10,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Additional USB Proceeding Charge 10,000 JPY 10,000 JPY

For Authors:
1. At least, one of the author(s) of each paper must pay a regular or
    student registration of ICIRA 2016 by June 30.

2. A regular or student registration fee covers only one paper, and includes
    the participation of the conference, 1 conference digest, 1 conference
    proceedings (USB), coffee breaks and the banquet.

3. Authors presenting more than one paper can register the papers to be
    published by paying an additional fee per each additional paper.

4. Any paper without registration will not be included in the conference
    proceedings (USB) published in LNAI/LNCS series of Springer
    (www.springer.com/lncs ).

5. Please contact Keio Travel Agency (S.Kokubun, Keio Travel Agency,
    official agent of this conference) If you forget your password, and you have
    any questions about the registration site.

6. If you need to apply for visa to visit to Japan, we will write an invitation
    letter for you (visa applicant). In this regard, you should complete the
    registration and payment of required amount. When we have confirmed
    your registration and payment, the invitation letter will be sent to you.
    If you need a visa for entry to Japan, please contact to S.Kokubun (Keio
    Travel Agency, official agent of this conference) titled "VISA FOR ICIRA
    2016" by July 15.

    Additionally, after writing the invitation letter for you, you
    cannot cancel your registration and cannot get refund.