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Combustion and Propulsion Laboratory  燃焼・推進工学研究室

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Research themes in this laboratory

LOX vaporization nozzle for SOFT Hybrid rocket engine

SOFT hybrid rocket engine with LOX vaporization nozzle

LOX vaporization nozzle

Burning test of SOFT engine with LOX nozzle
Typical hybrid rocket engines suffer from low fuel regression rate and combustion efficiency. To overcome these problems, the swirling-oxidizer-flow-type (SOFT) hybrid rocket engine was proposed. To attain the benefit of the oxidizer swirling flow, the gaseous oxidizer is more preferable than the liquid one. Recent research topic in this engine is the development of LOX vaporization nozzle, in which the regeneratively-cooling method is used and the liquid oxidizer is vaporized by the heat exchange in the cooling passages in the nozzle.   
Reference / 参考資料
・Mizukoshi, T., Takei, T., Sakurai, T.: Design and Experiment of a LOX Vaporization Nozzle for an A-SOFT Hybrid Rocket Engine, 30th ISTS, 2017-o-5-16, 2017.
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・JAXA/ISAS Hybrid rocket research WG
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Swirling-injection End-Burning Hybrid rocket engine using low-melting temperature fuels

Schematic of Swirling-injection End-Burning Hybrid rocket engine

Burning behavior in the combustion chamber
In a hybrid rocket engine using a single-port fuel grain, the specific impulse (Isp) generally varies with time owing to the variation of burned grain surface. An end-burning type engine using a cylindrical fuel grain has possibility to maintain the Isp because of the constant burning surface. In this study, to attain both constant Isp and high regression rate (~5 mm/s), the swirling oxidizer injection method and low-melting temperature fuels such as paraffine WAX are applied to the end-burning type engine. The fuel regression characteristics and the applicability of liquid oxidizer are studied. 
Reference / 参考資料
・Sakurai, T., Oishige, Y., Saito, K.: Fuel Regression Behavior of Swirling-Injection End-Burning Hybrid Rocket Engine, Journal of Fluid Science and Technology, 14 (3) : Pages JFST0025, 2019.
Support / 研究補助
・JSPS Kakenhi JP16K06889(科研費基盤C)
・JAXA/ISAS Hybrid rocket research WG

Gas Turbine driven by Pulse Detonation Combustor

Combustion cycle of pulse detonation combustor

Gas turbine driven by PD combustor

Typical pressure history in the combustor
 (10 cycles, 40 cps)
A detonation produces pressure gain and higher enthalpy of burned gas comparing with typical constant pressure combustion. The thermal efficiency of a gas turbine driven by detonation combustor is anticipated to be increased. In this study, a feasibility of the gas turbine driven by pulse detonation combustor is studied.   
Reference / 参考資料
・Sakurai, T., Nakamura, S.: Performance and Operating Characteristics of Micro Gas Turbine driven by Pulse, Pressure Gain Combustor, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2020, GT2020-15000, 2020.
・Sakurai, T., Takahashi, H., Hirai, Y., Yomo, S. : Operating characteristics of gas turbine driven by pulse detonation toward self-sustained operation, 23rd ISABE, ISABE-2017-22547, 2017.
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Kerosene-fueled Miniature Combustor using Porous Media Vaporizer for 100W-class Micro Gas Turbine

Miniature model combustor and formed lean-premixed flame in the combustion chamber

Schematic of the miniature model combustor
Micro gas turbines having a power output of 100 W have superior performance in longer operation and higher power density to the Li-ion batteries, and is anticipated to be used for robots and small aerial vehicles such as drone. However, its issue is the complete and low NOx combustion of liquid fueles such as kerosene. In this study, a porous media is used as a liquid fuel vaporizer and the realization of lean-premixed combustion using kerosene fuel has been tried. The combustion characteristics and the applicability of this combustion method are studied.
Reference / 参考資料
・Sakurai, T., Takayama, N., Owada, Y., Harada, R.: Lean-Premixed Combustion of Kerosene Using Porous-Media Vaporizer for 100 W-class Miniature Gas Turbine Combustor, International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems, 11 (3) : 2020.
・Harada, R., Kobori, Y., Sakurai, T.: Development of a Prevaporized Combustor using a Porous Media for a Kerosene-fueled Micro Gas Turbine, Proc. International Gas Turbine Congress 2015, MoAMA.1, 2015.
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JSPS Kakenhi JP21760653(科研費若手B)

Low NOx combustion for hydrogen-fueled gas turbine combustor

Observed flame types in the development of model combustor
In gas turbines for power generation, the use of hydrogen is considered as one of the methods to decrease the CO2 emission. The hydrogen premixed flame has wider flammability limit and higher burning velocity than typical hydrocarbon fuels, which results in the flashback or the change of flame shape and position. Thus, the  conventional combustors cannot be used for hydrogen fuel. In this study, the combustion method for hydrogen is developed to realize stable flame holding without flashback and dry low NOx.
Reference / 参考資料
・野﨑光一,湯浅三郎,青木夏音,櫻井毅司:水素噴流火炎の浮き上がりに及ぼすバーナ形状の影響,第55回燃焼シンポジウム,A123,pp.14-15, 2017.
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