Invited speakers




The number of people with disabilities and the complexity of needs that they and their families experience continue to increase, despite the improvements in technology and health care. This increase is also directly related to the rapid ageing of the world population. The goal of Assistive Technology is to develop advanced technical aids for promoting independent living and improving quality of life of persons who have chronic or degenerative impairment in motor, sensory, communication and/or cognitive abilities. The aim of this workshop is to describe the innovative and interesting research activities in robotics with applications to people affected by disability and by older people with degenerative disorders due to the natural course of aging. Topics include mobility aids for locomotion or navigation, automated manipulation systems, personal robotics, multi-modal human-machine interfaces for assistive robotics, interaction control of assistive robots, socially assistive robots, activity monitoring systems, telerobotics and telemedicine, and elder-care assistive robots.



Kazuyoshi Wada, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of System Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Email: k_wada[at]

Machiel Van der Loos, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia, Canada
Email: vdl[at]

Loredana Zollo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Lab. of Biomedical Robotics & Biomicrosystems
CIR – Integrated Research Center
Università Campus Bio-Medico - Roma, Italy
Email: l.zollo[at]