Prospective Students

For Prospective Students

I am always looking for bright and self-motivated students who want to make an impact on our society via high quality research works. Our goals include getting our research published in leading journals and flagship conferences, and thus, we always intend to compete with the world-class researchers. If you like to grow yourself into a top-level scientist and/or engineering leader, and are willing to work extremely hard to achieve your life-long dream, my lab is probably the perfect environment for you.

If you are interested in my lab, please explore my website to better understand my teaching philosophy and research projects.

Teaching Statement

My responsibilities as an academic advisor are to broaden your view in computer science, to improve a problem solving ability, and to help your carrier. More importantly, I will let you pursue your real interests. Students' population and their backgrounds diverse, and therefore, my advising is basically one-to-one. I will set up a goal for individual students, and then direct you on a right track.

For International Students

I receive a number of queries about the graduate admission from international students, and you all are welcome to apply to our program. However, I cannot recrute all of them. Therefore, I will prioritize the students with the fellowship from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technologies (MEXT) at Japan ( The tuition waiver and living stipend are available from International Center, TMU (

Although all the research work can be done in English, you must be able to communicate in Japanese, at least for preparing the admission materials and taking coursework.

Research Foci

My research interests are in the wide area of wireless networks, mobile computing, and network/data security, including, but not limited to, network protocol designs, distributed algorithm developments, security/privacy protection mechanisms. The ongoing and past research projects I have been working/have worked are as follows:

Current research topics

Past research topics


Programing skills

All lab members will be required to conduct computer simulations and/or prototype implementations. Thus, prospective students should be familiar with at least one of C/C++ or Java. In addition, having background on script languages (e.g., Python or Rudy) and unix shells (e.g., Bash) would be helpful.

Academic English

After you join to my group, you will read a number of research papers written in English and write research articles in English. If you think your English proficiency is not enough, please consult with TOEFL materials.